-This area is intended for event industry businesses-


The Lavish Cabana Collection will custom make a cabana to your choosing from this amazingly beautiful and illuminous fabric (only one at this time with 7 colour options), sheer accent draping and 6" tassels. As well as thick boarding accents to add dimension to the overall interior appearance 


Cabanas may be custom-made to your exact need with any desired type and size of button holes from which to hang or place cabana on poles


If interested we will mail you samples of material, sheer accent draping, tassels

and boardering (if desired)


All fabrics are flame proofed using:

Flame Safe

And with each purchase you will receicve a certificate veryifying your fabric was

flame proffed using this product 


Call or e-mail us with any questions you may have


                                                                                                    TLCC Team