The Cabana & Backdrop Fabric Selection/Glitz & Glamour


The Glitz & Glamour

Decadent Pink

How it works:

~ During the initial phone consultation we'll discuss all options such as the specific color of fabric, overall desired size of your cabana (height/width/depth), sheer side wall options, tassel options as well as button-hole specifications (for hanging or draping requirements), and how you can drape or hang your cabana 

~ Choose your fabric/sheer/tassel of choice 

~ Then we will mail you a 10" W x 18" L piece of the fabric with small gold tassels sewn onto it. Giving you a miniaturized version of your cabana to view at no cost to you (We will send up to two additional samples of the fabric as well)

~ Then once we get the go ahead from you to begin work on your custom-made cabana we will send you an invoice where a 50% deposit will be due to begin work. Once your cabana is finished we'll send you photos of it and then the remaining balance will be due plus shipping costs

(If any part of custom work is not to necessary specifications given, shipping will be covered by Lavish Cabana Collection for any re-work needed to cabana)

-All 'Glitz & Glamour' samples below -


  Soft Gold


 Sky Blue


 Peasoup Green






                                                                   Egg Shell

                                                               Decadent Pink


This option shown below (15' W x 18' L x 9' H) is $2350 and includes:

Cabana, (6) 12' Sheer Siding Panels, 6" tassels along the top

- Hung from your own piping apparatus

- Rental price with this Cabana for your clients will range from $1050-$1350